Should My Fist Eye

Neck - Should My Fist Eye ©1999 Cho'Sin Records
1. Stingmaskii
2. Patterns
3. Crawl Away
4. Fuck It
5. Shun Fist
6. Three Crosses ('99)
7. Open Window
8. Old Teeth
9. Cinder

Diversity and ambition is a rather worthy quality to have in music and while I will never rail against a band for attempting it, I do have problems with bands who try to make a wildly ambitious album without quite having the tools to make the music work out right. Case in point is Neck, whose album Should My Fist Eye is such a difficult, tedious listen that making it through the entire album in one sitting is a chore that is hardly worth undertaking. Mixing, but not melding, a variety of heavy styles from "nu-metal" to Voivodian dissonant guitar tricks to occasional mellower breaks, Neck tries very hard to create a "unique" style but in the end create a record that bogs down in its own cumbersome aspirations. Simply put, the band, in their attempt to throw too much into each song's broth, is unable to sustain even a slight thread, causing the listener much convulsions of annoyance. It is a tricky task to pull off such a thing and unfortunately Neck just doesn't quite have the ability. What is even more frustrating is that you can hear a lot of musical talent and proficiency on the album, which furthermore antagonizes the listener. You know that if this band would restrain themselves a little, remove too much of the excessive song breakdowns and hone their music, they could be very impressive. As it stands, Should My Fist Eye is nothing more than a tiresome burden to hear.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2000

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