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Black As Pitch

Necrodeath - Black As Pitch ©2001 Scarlet/The End
1. Red As Blood
2. Riot Of Stars
3. Burn And Deny
4. Mortal Consequence
5. Sacrifice 2K1
6. Process Of Violation
7. Anagation
8. Killing Time
9. Saviors Of Hate
10. Join The Pain
11. Church’s Black Book

Having been in existence since 1984, Necrodeath, like fellow Italian thrashers Mortuary Drape, has only three albums to its name, so prolificacy is obviously not part of the equation, it seems. Strangely enough, Necrodeath is regaled as somewhat of a legend in their home country; being touted as one of the only real thrash/black acts in Italy. Black as Pitch, their newest release, is far from being a legendary or amazing release for what amounts to a band that has been around as long Necrodeath. However, for what amounts to a thrash album, Black as Pitch has that identifiably Italian idiosyncrasy, that knack for malevolent melody and, dare I say it, originality.

While the templates for this album stem from the obligatory likes of Celtic Frost, Slayer, and other classic acts of that ilk, there is a certain something that separates Necrodeath from the aforementioned bands. Perhaps it is Flegias’ vocal delivery, sounding somewhat akin to Dani Filth crossed with the likes of Tom G. Warrior with an Italian accent. Or maybe it is the occasional appearance of cleanly picked arpeggios, a technique that probably would have made this album far more satisfying if used throughout each song.

If you hanker for cult retro-thrash with a twist, then give Necrodeath a try.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 11/2001

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