Gathering Composed Thoughts

Necrophorus - Gathering Composed Thoughts ©2000 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Yoga - Part 1
2. Yoga - Part 2
3. Spiritcatcher
4. Sophysis
5. Treshold Over Times
6. Water From Arcane Delight
7. Sadnight
8. The Dormant Being
9. A Second Very Heavy Grief
10. Soporific
11. In Mourning

Necrophorus is one of many side projects of Peter Anderson, who is somewhat better known for his outfit Raison d'Ítre. Necrophorus is primarily a soundscape and dark ambience project that has existed for around ten years. This particular release compiles six previously released tracks from either limited edition ten inch records or compilation releases, as well as five previously unreleased pieces. His style is very minimalistic and often almost tedious in its lack of direction within the pieces. The first four tracks tend to simply linger and float in a purgatory sense but never quite take the listener to any particular place. "Treshold Over Times" is the first song to actually leap out of the folds of dreariness and suggest to the listener that, hey, something might indeed being going on here after all. This track is more in a neoclassical style with synthesized instrumentation and sparse percussion and actually is very nice. It seems the tracks that were created in 1992 were more musically oriented and to me are much more intriguing and mood inducing than the soundscape creations. These tunes remind me a bit of Endura meeting In the Nursery and a very slight tinge of Aphex Twin in occasional odd noises. "Sadnight" is particularly effective and moving.

In a sense, Gathering Composed Thoughts is two distinct personalities, with the latter half of the disc reflecting a more structured, truly accomplished musical approach. The soundscape pieces are simply something I can do without, but I do find quite a bit of enjoyment in the rest of the CD. Necrophorus, at least in the neoclassical phase, could find appeal with fans of the dark side of In the Nursery or Enigma.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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