Neptune Towers

Caravans To Empire Algol

Neptune Towers - Caravans To Empire Algol ©1994 Moonfog
1. The Journey
2. The Arrival

Fenriz is such a nutty guy. Given the subtle tongue in cheek nature of his best known band, Darkthrone, it may come as no surprise that Neptune Towers is another inadvertantly hilarious side project that further exposes his tendency to create musical silliness. In this case, Neptune Towers is a space oriented ambient side project that is essentially Fenriz farting around in the studio with keyboards and synths with far too much blank tape to go around. The "music", a term used loosely here, is nothing more than unstructured sounds strewn together. The impression one gets while suffering through this is that Fenriz made everything up as he went along with absolutely no forethought into where the music is going. A lot of ambient music is indeed that way but this doesn't really have the quality of becoming profound sublime music that hovers in the background. Nor does it have the ability to stand on its own if you pay close attention to it. There is much more interesting music of this ilk out there.

Certainly a handful of Darkthrone enthusiasts might sit around, forcing themselves to like it, all while detesting it at a fundamental level; however, this is yet another example of how some people don't realize that the simple act of creating something does not inherently make it art.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2000

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