Neun Welten

Vergessene Pfade

Neun Welten - Vergessene Pfade ©2006 Auerbach
1. Valg
2. Walden
3. Nebelland
4. Nahend Zauberwald
5. Auf Kargem Fels
6. Svartalfheim
7. Midsommer
8. Tamtrollbach
9. Jotunheim
10. Heidenacht (live)

I always find it interesting how some bands end up being lumped in with record labels usually associated with extreme metal. In the same promo packet that includes a firebreathing cheerleader of Satan brandishing an axe made of iron mined from the depths of hell, one also finds music that your mum would enjoy while she's hanging out with her new age friends. That juxtaposition has always been somewhat baffling, particularly how metal fans, by simple association, seem to fall over backwards to praise music that they wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole had it been released on the same label as John Tesh.

Not that I blame them.

Neun Welten is a moderately pleasant outfit that provides us a warm, fuzzy folkish entry of acoustic guitar and violin compositions. Rather than gargoyles from the pits of Hades, the imagery of this band is contemplation of nature in a big open field under blue skies, with the occasional hint of rain. But before this review turns into a meteorology essay, let's point out that Neun Welten gets some metal credibility with the hissy sort of vocals on the CD's last track, the sort of vocals one might think of with any Abigor spinoff band. That essentially is the only "extreme" aspect of this album.

So let's just call this what it is: folk music with a new age nature oriented approach. For background music, it is entirely pleasant and something I'm sure I'll put on again in the future when I feel like something quiet and somewhat somber.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2007

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