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Nexus - Metanoia ©2001 Record Runner
1. Eternal Recurrence One
2. Primal Scream (Metanoia Level 0)
3. Metambo
4. Wounded Planet
5. Wake Up Inside A Dream (Metanoia Level 1)
6. Towards The Light
7. Metanoia (Metanoia Level 2)
8. The World’s Temptation
9. In The Hands Of God
10. The Message
11. The Universal Nexus
12. So Close To The Fire (Metanoia Level 3)
13. Eternal Recurrence Zero

In ancient Greek, the word Metanoia means “repentance” or “change of thinking” and given the English translations of the song titles, it is easy to see that the disc title gives a clue as to the concept of the disc. Sadly, the lyrics and singing on the disc are almost completely in Spanish so I will not be able to tell you anything about the story of the disc. But I can still recommend it based solely on its musical content. This is a really great disc.

The vocals on this disc are the creme filling in the cookie. Imagine a Spanish singing version of Annie Haslam with a slightly lower range and you have Mariela Gonzales. Her voice is exquisite. It is rich, warm and welcoming and she sings with emotion that conveys the meaning of the words regardless of the fact that I can’t understand them. The songs are wordy providing a lot of opportunities for the listener to revel in the depth of her singing.

The songs straddle the line between progressive rock and prog metal. There are mellow passages and very heavy passages. The heavy use of the Hammond organ calls to mind some of the leading progressive bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s. There are elements of ELP, Pink Floyd, and Yes in the songs. Each song flows into the next making the disc a seventy-two minute romp through the progressive playground. The mood and measure of the music swings from the light and airy soothing ballad to the all out free fall of progressive metal. The use of neo-classical elements and some majestic keyboards adds to and heightens the over all atmosphere of the music. The guitar work in the songs is very good. The solos serve to compel the listener to wonder what lies around the next corner. Each instrument plays a part in the complexly choreographed movement of each piece. These songs are not immediately accessible, but the disc is inviting enough that you’ll make several subsequent listens, each adding to the one previous so that you’ll hear new elements each time you listen to the disc. The songs are long, many of them over seven minutes long, one reaching well past the fifteen minute mark! This is one of the best discs to be released this year. It is certainly the best progressive rock disc I have heard so far in 2001.

Fans of bands like ELP, Deep Purple, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Yes and Renaissance will want to give this one a spin. An understanding of Spanish is not entirely needed to enjoy the rich tapestry this disc weaves. The use of the Hammond organ alone makes this one a winner for me, as it brings to mind so much of the music I listened to while growing up.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 07/2001

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