I Am Jesus

Nightfall - I Am Jesus ©2003 Black Lotus Records
1. Death Of Neira
2. The Senior Lover Of Diamanda
3. I Am Jesus
4. Pale Crescendo Of Diamond Suns
5. Luciferin What If Men Could Bear Masters
6. Muscat Darkdark Road
7. The Poor Us
8. I've Never Dreamt The Life We Share
9. Treasures In Aramaic Tears Echelon
10. Semana Tragica
11. Nightfall

Nightfall has been clowning around for over a decade now with a fairly lengthy discography. I Am Jesus represents their foray into 2003's field of releases and if you don't pay attention too closely, it's very likely you could tune out this entire release. Nightfall plays a doomish sort of goth-metal that does very little to stand out from the rest of the herd.

So imagine Rotting Christ, Alastis and Moonspell all getting together for a recording session. That's somewhat where Nightfall dwells. I Am Jesus, a lofty assertion by a band who probably isn't ready for the responsibilities of being a messiah, is fairly derivative and has little to offer listeners craving something entirely different. Granted, Nightfall has their moments where they at least write some decent songs within this style, but on the whole, I Am Jesus is quite pedestrian. The band does avoid the Napalm Records Breast Brigade metal trap of having a random female singer to match the band's growly guy. Nightfall's vocalist also pulls off a fairly decent impression of My Dying Bride's Aaron Stainthorpe on "Treasures in Aramaic Tears Echelon".

Nightfall's biggest downfall is that in today's oversaturated metal scene, there is little here for the jaded type to absorb and enjoy. The band is competent and tolerable, but there's little beyond the expected norms of goth-doom-dark metal. At best, Nightfall's I Am Jesus is average. It's not really worth tracking down unless you're a trustfund kid with a lot of shelf space and money to burn. And even then, I'd recommend finding it used.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2003

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