Memories Progression

NOrDREAM - Memories Progression ©2000 Valiant Music Productions
1. Memories Of A Hope
2. Vaguest Dreams
3. Piercing Time Memories
4. Memories I Love
5. The 2 Beauties
6. Forcefed Memories
7. Ugly Face
8. Memories - A Heaven In Hellís Despair
9. Hvost Memories

Russia is slowly becoming a source of good heavy metal. NOrDREAM are one of the newer bands to join the Russian metal scene. They are a progressive metal band offering a really intense debut CD.

I donít know if Iíd classify this disc a progressive metal disc with thrash elements or a thrash disc with progressive elements. Probably it is closer to the former. The most overwhelming force on the disc is that of the guitar. There is a lot of chop and crunch on this disc. There is also a goodly bit of great piano and other keyboard work on the disc. The whole thing is very intense from beginning to end. I love the piano interludes. They remind me of Shadow Gallery. NOrDREAM make every effort to keep things interesting offering a lot of change up play. The melodies are catchy at times, lush at others. The band shows good control and an almost intuitive response to the music. This is a really good debut and shows a lot of promise for the future of this band.

The vocals are provided by a guest vocalist which is probably the only sore point for the disc. The music behind the singer is very well done. The vocals almost convey the messages of the songs, but their impact is not as intense as the rest of the bandís play style.

I highly recommend this disc to fans of progressive metal, especially those who prefer a harder edge to their music. This stuff has plenty of edge.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 07/2001

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