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The Knowing

Novembers Doom - The Knowing ©2000 Dark Symphonies
1. Awaken
2. Harmony Divine
3. Shadows Of Light
4. Intervene
5. Silent Tomorrow
6. In Faith
7. Searching The Betrayal
8. Last God
9. In Memories Past
10. The Day I Return
11. Aura Blue
12. SIlent Tomorrow (dark Edit)

The biography of Novembers Doom claims they originate from Chicago but it is more than apparent upon listening to The Knowing that their muses are flown in direct express from somewhere in Europe. In an American climate of hip-hop and nu-metal, it is profoundly amazing to find a band that is pursuing an entirely different sound and even more startling that they do it so well. While one can hear strains of those well known doom metal artists of Anathema, Paradise Lost and others, Novembers Doom creates a sound that is reminiscient of others but in the end all their own. The Knowing is a wonderfully diverse album that captures a wide array of moods in varying degress of heaviness and transluscent atmospheric passages. As a result, the album flows ever so nicely and never becomes bogged down in any one brainlocked idea.

The band uses a variety of approaches, from mid paced heavy crunching numbers that tend to remind me a bit of Edge of Sanity in their prime (particularly the growled vocals that surprisingly well enunciated) to somber cleaner passages. Female vocals do make an appearance from time to time as well as warm gothic clean male vocals. The most important thing the band does well is write songs that are dynamic and breathing. Regardless of whether they are approaching ultra-heavy doom dirges or lighter, airy passages, the music is exceptionally strong. The band knows how to incorporate a memorable melody, whether it is vocally or within the instruments. The production allows for the instruments to all have their proper space and crystal sharp clarity without sounding entirely too glossy.

Nearly every track here is excellent, with "Silent Tomorrow" and "In Memories Past" perhaps standing out just a tad more. I've been playing this album nonstop since receiving it and can safely encourage anyone who is into doom, goth or "emo" metal to rush out to find a copy. This band can definitely stand alongside any Euro-doom metal band and perhaps even teach them a few tricks.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2000

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