Oak Pantheon

The Void

Oak Pantheon - The Void ©2011 Self Released
1. In The Dead Of The Winter Night
2. Fear Me
3. Architect Of The Void Pt. I
4. Refuge
5. Architect Of The Void Pt. II

With helpful music blogs popping up all over the place (okay, specifically the internet), it's becoming both a chore and a treat to uncover emerging new bands. I say a chore because it's quite evident that every schmoe with a guitar and recording equipment can make an album these days, but at the same time it's also refreshing to hear a talented new band shine. For instance, Minnesota's Oak Pantheon is a duo that plays a style that instantly appeals to my ears but without the help of the various networking sites on the internet, there's no chance in hell their music would have ended up pleasing my ears.

Oak Pantheon, like more than a few contemporary underground metal bands, mix together a variety of metal subgenres into their blender and churn things up. The duo sounds quite musically accomplished. The music on The Void isn't necessarily a technical wonderland of adeptitudes, which is probably one of the reasons why it is an enjoyable listening experience. Their sound, though I hate to constantly use this comparison for newer metal bands who mix black metal, doom, folk and post-rock, is slightly reminiscient of early Agalloch. The difference is that Oak Pantheon doesn't seem likely to become pretentious bore-metal in the future. To be fair, the only real black metal element is in the harsh vocals. And the only doomy aspect is that there's a sense of brooding and pensive thought within the music.

The best track by far is "Architect of the Void Pt. I". This is just flat out one of the more enjoyable songs I've heard in awhile.

It's gratifying to see a talented, promising new act appear and be able to get their music out there without having to preen for the attention of various record labels. For those exploring the modern field of hybrid underground metal bands who have at least one foot firmly planted in post-rock/punk/shoegazer styles, Oak Pantheon is definitely worth checking out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2011

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