Odyssey EP

Odyssey - Odyssey ©1999 Utopian Vision Music
1. I Am Two
2. I Carry A Secret
3. Amon-ra

Conceived as a one off project a couple summers ago, Odyssey unites Dan Swäno with some ex-members of Memory Garden and Leukemia to create, in Swäno's words, "heavy metal ala Candlemass". While not particularly reminding one much of Candlemass, this three song document of that recording sessions has actually yielded some of the niftiest music associated with Swäno in quite some time. While being fairly akin to his Moontower record in terms of heaviness and riff structure, his vocals are much better and open than on the most recent Nightingale release. Rather than clenching his teeth, he really goes for it on the melodies and the result is excellent. The three songs are all basic, midpaced and heavy in the riff department. There are a few proggy keyboard flourishes here and there, but those are in the minority throughout. The main emphasis just seems to be on establishing a great melody amidst the heaviness of the guitars.

While a bit hard to find since it's on a fairly small label, this little EP should be on the top of the list for those enamored with all things Swäno. More satisfying than his recent Nightingale release and probably one of the last forays the man will take into heavy metal, Odyssey is simply a good solid release worthy of your attention.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2000

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