Offering74 - Get Out ©1999 Get Out
1. Number One
2. Powder
3. Holding Still
4. Zero To Infinity
5. Inside Of Me
6. Sunday
7. Overflow
8. Stutter
9. Dry Complacency
10. After, Over & Over

The quietly growing Denver music scene is slowly showing some rising talent and among the list is Offering74, a trio playing a style that is just a bit to the lighter side of metal, touching on grunge and perhaps riding the wake of Husker Du. Essentially, hard to peg but ultimately enjoyable. The primary point of interest of the band is Dawn's powerful vocals, one of the best lungs I've heard in quite some time. Her voice is commanding and very expressive throughout on the disc. Want evidence? Check out the drums'n'vocals "Inside of Me", where her voice positively soars and chills with passion. Morever, she's actually quite a capable bassist as well. Guitarwise, the sound is reminiscient of a shredded Bob Mould guitar amp. There are hints of the grunge thing but to be honest, it's very slight. At times I do sort of wish there was more going on with the guitar lines to perhaps beef out the song. "Powder" and "Sunday" both suggest a bit more could be done there, rather than just straight distorted riffing. In the end, the best songs are the most emotional and moodier ones: "Holding Still", "Stutter" and the "hidden" track at the end of the disc. Offering74 has shown themselves to be a very solid live act in Colorado and the CD is a very solid piece of work which should encourage listeners to keep an eye and ear on their future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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