Lo Flux Tube

OLD - Lo Flux Tube ©1991 Earache
1. Outlive
2. Disconnect Self
3. Citient Null
4. Lo Flux Tube
5. Vein Water
6. Marzuraan
7. Disassemble
8. Z.U.
9. Outlive Again (ganglehea Mix)

OLD (short for Old Lady Drivers, for those into the meaning behind the acronymns) was certainly one warped little band. Sounding much like a cross between Voivod's futuristic atmosphere, Godflesh's drum machine with an aggressive attitude and a whole lot of screaming banshees, OLD's Lo Flux Tube is both a harsh yet gripping album. "Outlive", the opening track, is a prime example of the OLD sound. Alan Dubin's screams are throat shredding and for today's black metal fan, right at home. The distorted, grinding bass matched with James Plotkin's warped guitar signature makes for a bizarre listen. While some might decry the usage of a drum machine, the inclusion of the technology is perfect for the band, adding a cruel, cold mechanical edge that further emphasizes the twisted nature of the music. OLD was far from just being industrial metal and Lo Flux Tube is a strong album that deserves a lot of playing time on your stereo.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/1999

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