Old Funeral

The Older Ones

Old Funeral - The Older Ones ©1999 Hammerheart
1. Abduction Of Limbs
2. Annoying Individual
3. Skin And Bone
4. Haunted
5. Incantation
6. Devoured Carcass
7. Forced To Be Lost
8. Alone Walking
9. Lybtenenn
10. Into Hades
11. My Tyrant Grace
12. Devoured Carcass (live)

Old Funeral is the band that essentially served as basic training for a number of infamous Norwegian black metal musicians, including Varg Vikernes of Burzum as well as members of Immortal and Hades Almighty. During their recorded existence from 1990-1992, the band put together a dozen or so songs that, had certain individuals involved with the band not gone onto slightly more visible things, would have easily disappeared into metal's vast realm of obscurity. Needless to say, would you be interested in a pretty sloppy and basic garage death metal band from 1990 without having Vargie in the band? Probably not. Old Funeral's sound is nothing really to write home about. It's a fairly bland mix of low tuned guitars, low deathy vocals grunted out and songs that aren't written to be very different from one another. On the five tracks Vikernes has a hand on guitar, you'll be somewhat hardpressed to really pick him out of the mix. The Older Ones serves mostly as mildly amusing look at where some of our black metal superstars came from when they were but young teenagers jamming in a metal band. This is recommended listening only for the small handful of fans of Norwegian black metal who simply must know everything about the origins of their music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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