Old Silver Key

Tales of Wanderings

Old Silver Key - Tales of Wanderings ©2011 Season of Mist
1. What Once Was and Will Never Happen Again
2. November Nights Insomnia
3. Cold Spring
4. Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home
5. Star Catcher
6. Burnt Letters
7. About Which an Old House Dreams

In theory this collaboration between members of Drudkh and Niege from Alcest should be a slam dunk for an interesting album. Both projects have put out some fairly impressive music over the years (though I tend to prefer more of what Drudkh has accomplished as opposed to Alcest) so one would presume that the combined talents should result in something impressive. Unfortunately their initial effort, Tales of Wanderings, prove that this is indeed not the case.

The approach on Tales of Wanderings is essentially the brooding, melancholy metal that sometimes gets referred to as blackgaze, but there's not a whole lot of black metal nor shimmering walls of feedback drenched shoegazer guitars here. Rather, this album contains seven songs of midtempo straight forward metalized rock that broods and studies its own navel throughout. Niege's vocals are cleanly delivered, but also with about as much passion as one goes about choosing a brand of ketchup at the grocery store. It would seem he's going for a contemplative, pensive style, but he often just sounds unenthused about having to sing any of these songs. The music fails to deliver some of the oustanding impact of Drudkh's best moments. Instead, this album just sort of bogs down in the purgatory of merely competent.

Tales of Wanderings at best can be described as "not awful", but the lack of passion or fire on the album is disappointing. This is one side project that fails to deliver.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2013

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