Omega Supreme

Daisies 7"

Omega Supreme - Daisies 7" ©1998 House Records
1. Hook-up Charlie
2. There's Nothing Here It Won't Fix
3. Daisies

Give someone a few musical instruments and something to record on and you're asking for some truly warped results. Take, for instance, this Omega Supreme thing. What you have here is one man and a multitude of tools used specifically for the purpose of being weird. On close inspection of his toolbelt, you'll see various implements of deconstruction, including Primus and The Residents. The distorted vocals are somewhat unnerving in their childlike yet chipmunk-ish state while the music is quite, shall we say, twisted. "Hook-Up Charlie" and "There's Nothing Here It Won't Fix" are both what you'd get if you had a jam session of Primus, the Residents and perhaps a member of Sonic Youth while the title track is a bit more along the lines of ambient noise landscapes. If any of the aforementioned brandnames catch your attention, Omega Supreme could easily be right up your alley.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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