One Inch Tall

Back Harlowe Road

One Inch Tall - Back Harlowe Road ©2000 Self-Released
1. F.Y.I.
2. Rejection
3. Mindless
4. Cephus
5. Stressed Out
6. Old
7. Standards
8. Sick Of Me
9. To You
10. Stupidly Confused
11. P.H.O.R.
12. Falling Out

One Inch Tall is a Denver based punk band who has accurately pegged their universal significance with their band moniker. Their style of punk is a very sloppy, three chord brand that has been done often in the past and has little going for it, besides the inherent energy of punk music. The guitars have this awful shredded amp speaker distortion that bury a lot of the songs under a haze of noise and ugliness. The unfortunately works against some of the songs such as "To You", a slightly slower song that would have benefitted from something other than this hideous guitar distortion to increase the dynamics. The vocals, provided by guitarist Chris Tafoya, are thin, Ben Weasel-esque "snot-punk", off-key sounds that are also buried under his guitar layer. The rest of the band, also hidden behind the guitar, is nothing particularly special. Just another high tempo rhythm section. There are times when this band doesn't quite sound like they're playing in the same room together, not locking on to one other.

I'm certain this music is fun for the band to play but it is far too slovenly for my tastes. I would suggest a shopping list for the band next time they venture into town. A) New guitar speaker with more than one distortion settings and perhaps a shiny effects pedal or two. B) A new singer. I'll give the band this much: they sent a note to me with the promo package that was written on a piece of butcher paper that was at least four feet by four feet. If nothing else, these guys are likeable people. Let's hope that translates into likeable music next time out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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