Only Crime

To the Nines

Only Crime - To the Nines ©2004 Fat Wreck Chords
1. R.J.R.
2. Sedated
3. Doomsday Breach
4. Pray for Me
5. To the Nines
6. Real Enemy
7. Tenebrae
8. Virus
9. The Well
10. On Time
11. Fallen Idols

Only Crime is one of those outfits that garners recognition not for theirmusical accomplishments, but by who is in the band. This particular five-piece finds membership from the likes of Good Riddance, Bane, Hagfish and Descendents/ALL. It was formed by Good Riddance vocalist Russ Rankin and ultimately picked up drummer/producer Bill Stevenson along the way, whose presence no doubt captured a considerable amount of press and attention that might not have been otherwise found. The band's debut, To the Nines, is somewhat baffling to me. For several years, ALL's best opening act was a Fort Collins, Colorado, band called Wretch Like Me, who were outstanding in all respects. For whatever reason, they never made any headway, despite being head and shoulders better than all their peers. So the funny thing about Only Crime is that they sound an awful lot like Wretch Like Me, except not very interesting. Whereas Wretch had tons of great songs, Only Crime has predictable, by-numbers punk rock. Yes, it's well performed (how could it not be?). But it takes more than competence to be worth someone's time.

Despite the pedigree, Only Crime's offense is wallowing in lack of a real identity. To the Nines is a supremely redundant affair that never comes close to living up to expectations.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2008

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