Illusion Dimension

Oratory - Illusion Dimension ©2000 InsideOut Music
1. Illusion Dimension
2. With Glory And Melody
3. Fight For The Light
4. Kingdom's Legacy
5. Metal Messenger
6. In The Sky
7. Last Prophecy
8. Life In Another Star
9. Rising Land
10. Choose Your Future
11. World Of Illusion
12. Galaxy

What a disappointment this disc was. I had heard great things about it from a few advance raves. The raves prove to be the illusion. This disc is one dimensional in every respect. With titles like "With Glory and Melody" and "Fight for the Light" you know what's coming before you even hit the play button. Sadly, the band can't even deliver the expected.

Oratory are a Portugese "power" metal band who play a symphonic, bombastic (yawn) epic style of almost-metal. They feature some very strong points. The vocalists, one male, one female are very good. They sing together very well. The vocal melodies on the disc were the high points for me. The band has talent. You can hear it in their play. They have all the right elements for making a killer disc, but it does not get pulled off.

The down side, however, begins from the get-go. The production on the disc is awful. I'd say that the disc could be a very good power metal disc if the production hadn't made everything sound so horribly flat. My second gripe is that the band plays almost timidly when they should be in my face, knocking me on my butt with their power. On songs that should really rip, one can almost hear the yawns. Come on guys, unleash and PLAY! I know some of this may be due to the production, but don't hold back, let it rip! My biggest gripe comes from the songs themselves. Musically they are not all that bad, lousy production aside. The lyrics are what kill me. The "noble metal battle" theme has been done to death. Adding a female vocalist, even one with a beautiful voice is not going to be sufficient to breathe new life into a cliche theme. This disc sounds like a course in things to avoid when writing a power metal disc.

Oratory, fire your song-writer and produce the disc I know you have in you. There is too much talent and potential in this band to be playing this kind of schlock...and doing it this poorly.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 02/2001

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