The Second Coming

Ordained - The Second Coming ©2000 Sinternational Records
1. The Ordained
2. Caught In A Trap
3. Let There Be Death
4. Beloved
5. Sealed With A Fist
6. Lowly Little Pawn
7. Sanctum Secorum
8. Destroyer
9. I Am The One
10. Perversey Rhymes
11. Lunatic
12. Punk You!
13. Golgotha

A few fans of late 80s thrash metal probably remember the Bay Area band Vio-lence, partly because they spawned off guitarist Robb Flynn into Machine Head and most likely because of vocalist Sean Killian's nearly intolerable howl. At least that's the aspect I recall the most. Ordained, who is not from the Bay Area, sound a bit like an artifact from that area with a Vio-lence comparison that is not very becoming. Ordained, who seem to be trying for a bit of a gothy image with the whole "ministers of metal" thing, have a sound that brings forth instant comparisons to old school thrash bands like Overkill and the Bay Area's infamous crunch. Unfortunately, their vocalist, "Reverend" Christopher Kirshon, has this incredibly ear piercing wail that is far too reminiscient of Vio-lence. Being high pitched and thin is not exactly convincing or necessarily listenable. There's not much variety in the vocals throughout the album, so the listener is either given the choice to ignore the vocals (not likely) and focus on the music or try to learn to like them (definitely not likely). Whereas Vio-lence at least had some pretty solid music behind the vocal aspect, Ordained is average at best. There is a definite feel for thrash circa 1989 on this album without becoming that retro nonsense, but a lot of the songs are flat and by the numbers. I always feel a little guilty for constantly picking out the vocals as the main reason why I dislike an album but in this case my feelings seem fully justified. The Second Coming is a return which probably can be avoided.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2000

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