Origin - Origin ©2000 Relapse
1. Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chronicles)
2. Sociocide
3. Vomit You Out
4. Origin
5. Mental Torment
6. Manimal Instincts
7. Infliction
8. Disease Called Man
9. Inner Reflections

What an utterly horrendous album. You'd think that a band that can choose such a beautiful glimpse of the cosmos for their album cover would make even the slightest attempt to create music even partially worthy of the view. Unfortunately, Origin is one of those blast oriented grind bands who have this bizarre idea that just because they can stop on a dime for a nanosecond within a song that they are merging technical ability with brutality. But there is one catch to this concept. Every damned song on this nine song waste of time is extremely similar and shows almost nil in the way of songwriting ability, originality and dynamics. Oh gee, the drummer has that hollow, snappy snare sound so that you can hear how fast he is striking it. Oh my, the guitars are tuned low and rumble along showing no sign that they know how to vary the basic riffing. Sure, it's locked in with the blast beats, but enlighten me on how that is supposed to be exciting? The vocals are unintelligible grunts with the ever so tricky high shrieks being spliced in on occasion. Goodness, that certainly hasn't ever been done before. Origin sounds like someone punched "Generic Grind" on a music vending machine and let the computer spit out nine tracks of one idea being spread out over the course of thirty minutes. With any luck, discerning music buyers will skip over this atrocious album as Origin completely fails to do anything creative and totally neglects to add anything to an already oversaturated, limited genre.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2000

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