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Caribbean Metallic Storm EP

Orisha Shakpana - Caribbean Metallic Storm EP ©2011 Legion of Death
1. Insanity
2. The Anal Damage Of Jesus Christ
3. Chosen Antichrist Prophetess
4. The Orisha's Wrath On The Betrayers

The world of underground black metal has become so utterly saturated that you can throw an inverted cross out a window and hit at least three corpsepainted brats on the head. Occasionally I take a peek at various music blogs and am entirely stunned at the black metal bands that have formed over the last decade and a half. I'm not sure how any of them manage to begin to stand out from the crowd since there's only so many waking hours a day a person can spend listening to new music. So admittedly it takes something a bit more novel or unusual to catch my attention. Case in point: a one man black metal project supposedly from Jamaica, of all places. Moreover, the person behind Orisha Shakpana is also a black man, which brings the skin pigmentation credibility to black metal.

Having given this 2011 EP a listen, I do need to report first and foremost that Caribbean Metallic Storm is just truly dreadful. The recording quality is grating, the musicianship is amateurish and it brings absolutely nothing new to the genre whatsoever. In fact, it actually detracts from metal on a whole. Let me rephrase that. Orisha Shakpana would be a good example of why music is just bad for humanity, assuming an advanced interstellar race landed on the planet and somehow managed to hear this record first. Orisha Shakpana is so completely rotten that this once peaceful alien race would immediately invent death rays to wipe us out. To sum things up, Orisha Shakpana makes Ildjarn sound good in comparison.

I have to admit that I'm not entirely convinced that the back story behind this project is entirely accurate. In the internet age, all you need is create your own facts. It is within the realm of possibility that this is actually just some chucklehead in Kansas who came up with an amusing twist to release some of his bad home demos on vinyl. Even if this is a legitimate project, it's still just the work of a complete amateur playing comically bad heavy metal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2011

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