Ostomy - Ostomy ©1996 Self-Released
1. Getting A Guitar To Do A Synthesizer's Job
2. Getting The Shaft
3. Tranquilizer (idea)
4. Waxing The Pinxedsel

The package containing this demo package read "No X-Rays"...so naturally I assumed it was explosive and that one of my reviews elsewhere had finally gotten me in trouble. No such luck. Instead enclosed was this demo plus a whole bunch of xeroxed material on the strange entity known as SkiMask and his various projects. Ostomy happens to be one of them.

Based on first assumptions, I thought this was going to be some grindcore black metal thing, but I was very surprised to discover Ostomy is a ambient/avant-garde project employing synths, guitars, and drum programming with only occasional sampled vocals. Musically the band is closest related to the Residents (especially in some of the quirkiness) without the hick drawl vocals or Controlled Bleeding in a mellow mood. The trance quality does pull the listener in and encourage more listens down the road.

The best part of the whole package are the interviews with SkiMask that he included, which also has copies of reviews of his other project Towpath. The man is quite the enigma and it's hard to decide if he's truly morally decrepid or has his tongue well into his cheek. Best line: "It's my demonic right to be topless." With insight like that, you must submit to him.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1997

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