The Other Two

The Other Two & You

The Other Two - The Other Two & You ©1993 Qwest
1. Tasty Fish
2. The Greatest Thing
3. Selfish
4. Moviní On
5. Ninth Configuration
6. Feel This Love
7. Spirit Level
8. Night Voice
9. Innocence
10. Loved It (the Other Track)

The casual listener will be forgiven for thinking that The Other Two are imitating New Order, for that both is and isnít true. The Other Two, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris, are the oft overlooked (hence the name) keyboardist and percussionist in the quartet known as New Order. The Other Two & You, the sole fruit of their side project, is a mostly a keyboard-and-drum-machine-based collection of tunes that feature the delicate alto of Gillian Gilbert on vocals. The songs generally follow the structure of their better-known bandís songs with a lighter touch on the keys and without the distinctive guitar/bass/off-key vocal combination, which results in a lighter, more poppy feel, and a definite change of pace from their usual fare.

Although the album as a whole doesnít measure up to what New Order has produced over the years, all of the songs are enjoyable. The first three cuts are particularly outstanding (the eminently worthy track three saw release as a single) and track nine is a definite foot-tapper. Generally speaking, The Other Two & You is more of a listening album than dance-floor fodder, containing a bit of up-tempo synth pop with a streak of melancholy, a la New Order or the Pet Shop Boys, and is well suited for a moody late nightís play. Unfortunately, itís not as enduring as the music from either of those two bands...but still worth a listen if youíre a fan of either. I certainly like it and intend to keep my copy for a long while.

Review by Jonathan Arnett

Review date: 08/2000

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