Distorted Lullabies

Ours - Distorted Lullabies ©2001 Dreamworks
1. Fallen Souls
2. Drowning
3. I'm A Monster
4. Sometimes
5. Miseryhead
6. Here Is The Light
7. Medication
8. Dancing Alone
9. Bleed
10. Dizzy
11. Meet Me In The Tower
12. As I Wander

The music of Ours, a.k.a. Jimmy Gnecco, has been described in various places as a blend of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley and Gnecco's voice as a blend of Buckley and U2 singer Bono. For once, these comparisons are not merely a publicist's shortcut, as they reflect the reality quite accurately. In fact, the music, themes, arrangements, vocals and guitar performances are so derivative of Buckley's (with a little OK Computer thrown in, as in "Dizzy") that this album will either make one scream "Aww, come the fuck on" while throwing the CD in the trash ("As I Wander" may even make you believe in ghosts) or turn up the volume and welcome the band as a possible new source for Buckley-esque material.

Alternatively, though, the discriminating listener is likely to be torn between that Charybdis and this Scylla; Gnecco is an undeniably talented singer with a tremendous voice and the songs are in fact quite endearing and delightfully depressing. Jeff Buckley this ain't. The songs and performances lack the feverish, tortured passion that Buckley seemed able to muster even when asking for extra ketchup to go with his cheeseburger and the album's production in general sometimes sounds as though it involved sterile gloves, a vat of disinfectant and shoe polish.

I like this, almost in spite of myself. If you liked Jeff Buckley and don't mind imitation when it's done so well, then you should give Ours a shot.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 09/2001

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