The Orson Fader

Paik - The Orson Fader ©2002 Clairecords
1. Detroit
2. Tall Winds
3. Purple
4. Black Car
5. Low Battery Transmission
6. Ghost Ship
7. Star 80
8. Loops For Chrome
9. Orson Fader
10. Twilight Storms
11. Killing Windmills
12. Red Current

Rest assured, kids and grasshoppers alike, there is something coming out of Detroit that isn't going to make an eight mile film or rap about killing cannibals or Hannibal or whatever shocking topic comes to mind. Apparently there is a scene of musicians who are working on creating a dreampop sort of "space rock", with Paik being one such outfit. If the green-tinged cover art of a space observatory isn't a clue that these boys are currently drifting near some distant quasar, then the expanse of the Milky Way on the inside of the liner notes should be a dead giveaway. All this band needs is a little arrow pointing to some far-flung star stating, "We are here."

The music Paik plays is a mix between Slowdive, mid-80s Cure guitar wailing and Low's brooding, slumber-time style. This twelve song CD is entirely instrumental, relying on drawn-out arrangements and meandering jams to create its mood and feeling. It would appear this band has spent considerable time and money in the "effects" section of the guitar store as their instruments sound as though they've been run through many circuits to create a hazy, wafting and echoing morass of sound. It's the sort of thing that can put one in a trace if one's not careful. And if you are the careful type, there's really no sense in you buying this CD, right?

The Orson Fader is a rough edged sort of dreampop without the pop. Fans of Hawkwind styled "space rock" might not quite grasp this, but those who enjoy hearing guitar playing strung out, distorted, given ample amounts of feedback and a dose of valium may find Paik of interest.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2003

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