Pailhead - Trait ©1988 Wax Trax!
1. Man Should Surrender
2. Anthem
3. Don't Stand In Line
4. Ballad
5. I Will Refuse
6. No Bunny

You have to admit that this is one of the strangest groupings for a side project you've ever seen. Considering Ian MacKaye's perceived role in the straight edge community and Paul Barker and Al Jourgensen's legendary tales of chemical excess, you would never expect them to ever collaborate. Yet they did for six brief songs. And for three of these songs, it is very successful. "Man Should Surrender" has a very industrial-metal, Killing Joke-esque feel to it, but MacKaye's vocals are hardcore charged. The following three songs are somewhat tepid, featuring Killing Joke-styled percussion as well as signature Barker bass loops. For whatever reason, the project fails to light up on these songs. However, once you hit "I Will Refuse", the spark is relit and you get some exciting music. "I Will Refuse" has a very aggressive attack that utilizes MacKaye's one-of-a-kind voice properly. "No Bunny" is also quite good. If you are a fan of either MacKaye's works or the Ministry axis, this is worth owning just for the three songs. It's a shame these guys never collaborated again as there was some nice promise in the music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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