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Exit Mould

Pale Forest - Exit Mould ©2001 Listenable Records
1. Stigmata
2. Exit Mould
3. Urban Walls
4. Nine 8
5. Spiral
6. Revelation
7. ...According To X
8. Pale Suit Of...
9. Mr Trenchcoat
10. These Old Rags
11. Holy Summer
12. Mistaken Identity

There's probably a legion of people out there who would in fact enjoy the dreampop/shoegazer style of Slowdive or other likeminded bands, but still would prefer a bit heavier, less lethargic approach to the style. The good news is that Pale Forest can fill that request on Exit Mould, their third full length release and fourth album overall. This six piece Norwegian outfit creates a sound that has the jangly, yet more distorted guitar patterns, moody arrangements and a tendency to sound a tad like Katatonia. But only slightly. The band is fronted by one Kristin Fjellseth, who has a very light, delicate voice somewhat similiar to Liv Kristine of Theatre of Tragedy. The good news for Theatre of Tragedy detractors is that Fjellseth has a stronger delivery than her counterpart. The other five musicians create a fairly rich, well developed musical backdrop utilizing a healthy amount of guitar as well as keyboard and synth tapestries. The songs tend to range from slightly heavy to spacy and pensive. Most of the songs are given a boost with vocal melodies that are very appropriate for the music. Pale Forest may have a heavy edge to them, but they also know the value of a smartly executed pop hook. As a result, more than a few songs on here are quite memorable.

Pale Forest should garner the attention of metal fans who appreciate the music of Slowdive as well as Katatonia fans who might be interested in hearing a female front this style of emo-metal. And at the very least, disgruntled fans of The Gathering might find the band's mildly heavy approach intriguing. No matter what, Exit Mould is a very good album and worth investigating.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2002

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