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Panic - Epidemic ©1991 Metal Blade
1. Blackfeather Shake
2. High Strung
3. Hypochondriac
4. Spider Desire
5. Morbid Curiosities
6. Hellfire Club
7. 911
8. Devil's Night Out
9. I Stole Your Love
10. Pile O'Bones

Panic was a short lived, utterly superfluous thrash metal band who had a terrible sense of timing. Their debut was released in the summer of 1991, by which time a certain Seattle band who we shall not name here was about to take the world by storm. Panic, also apparently from Seattle (if my top secret internet sources are to be believed), sound entirely dated and entirely without their own original ideas on Epidemic. The band managed to acquire the services of "The H-Team" (Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt from Exodus) so while the record sounds good, it essentially ends up as a waste of time with good thrash metal production. Heck, even Steve Souza from Exodus supplies some backing vocals on "I Stole Your Love", so it's obvious Panic felt they had some connections to the legitimate thrash scene. But by then, Exodus was squandering their major label status with the dreadful Impact Is Imminent and the entire thrash scene was about to say goodnight. Panic had very little to offer as their songwriting was taking various thrash cues and stringing together a bunch of parts without the finesse of good songwriting skills. Epidemic couldn't be less inspiring. While no doubt there are quite a few collectors out there looking to uncover overlooked thrash gems in a sea of generic second rate bands, Panic is not worth spending even a dollar of your precious money on. This is a band, had they released their debut in 1986, rather than 1991, would still have been passed over by the thrash metal fans of the day. Unremarkable in every sense of the word, despite their affiliation with Exodus.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2010

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