Paranoid Agony

A View In Agony

Paranoid Agony - A View In Agony ©1998 NSM Records
1. Intro
2. Death
3. Prisoner Of Egotism
4. La Demoralisation
5. The Unknown
6. Diabolic Force
7. Educational Result
8. Synthesis
9. Über Den Wolken

Paranoid Agony is one of those rare bands that craftily and with great precision is able to harnass the best elements of a variety of styles and bring them together for a highly effective album. With the most obvious influence being early Tiamat and the second being a Bolt Thrower-esque thrash approach (at times), Paranoid Agony's overall sound is one part doom, one part death metal and one part atmospheric. Much of their allure lies in the guitar approach which mixes rumbling riffing as well as overlaying leads that evoke a strong mood, allowing the songs to immediately stick like mashed potatoes to your ribs. Vocally, the band opts for the lower harsh growl - not gutteral or gurgling - just a Edlund-esque approach that fits the music rather well. The final smart approach the band takes is the variance in songwriting. They retain a central sound, but each of the songs has its own identity as well as a solid flow throughout. "La Demoralisation" contains the doom prerequisites of some woman vocalizing as well as atmospheric keyboards and acoustic guitars. "The Unknown" is a slower, evocative song while "Educational Result" is quite thrashy. The album closes out with a very brutal drinking song: the bonus track "Über Den Wolken"...quite humourous and fun. Paranoid Agony displays on A View in Agony that they deserve to be viewed in the same light as some of the more notorious bands out there.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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