Peace/Love & Pitbulls


Peace/Love & Pitbulls - 3 ©1997 The Music Cartel
1. Black Dog Bliss
2. Kemikal
3. Caveman
4. Celebration!
5. Satellite Lullaby
6. Zeroes And Ones
7. Move Like A Menace Pt. 1
8. Youth
9. White, White, White
10. Monster Song
11. Takin' War Out Of Men

Peace Love & Pitbulls do not live up to the image of their fellow Swedish brethren. Rather, this dirty, emotional yet mechanical disc is straight out of the same bleak world of Foetus, Cop Shoot Cop and other NYC weirdos. And honestly, it was quite a surprise. This trio uses a variety of instruments to attack the listener: industrial devices such as keyboards, distortion effects, rhythm styles. But there are also more human elements to balance things out. Tåström's vocals sound as though he has smoked a carton of cigarettes, gotten really down in the dumps over the evening news and soaked his sorrows in some bottom shelf liquor. At the same time, he also sounds somewhat similiar to Cop Shoot Cop's vocalist as the closest reference point. The musical foundation over which he painfully sings is a broad landscape of atmospheric to more jarring sounds. "Black Dog Bliss" or "Celebration!" are driving rock-industrial, though "Kemikal" is moody and sulking. Needless to say, fans of CSC are encouraged to check out this fairly interesting package.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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