Strangling From Within

Peccatum - Strangling From Within ©1999 Candlelight
1. Where Do I Then Belong
2. Speak Of The Devil (as The Devil May Care)
3. The Change
4. The Song Which No Name Carry
5. The Sand Was Made Of Mountains
6. I Breathe Without Access To Air
7. The World Of No Worlds
8. And Pray For Me
9. An Ovation To Art

Try as they may, some artists are really unable to swing side projects with their main bands. Often in these cases, something ends up giving in both projects, rendering both weaker than if the artist focused entirely on one band. For your approval, I submit Ishahn, the infamous leader behind Emperor and now Peccatum. Peccatum is essentially his side band where he is allowed to explore whatever musical whim comes to mind. Unfortunately what has erupted is a more scattered and unfocused version of Emperor that lacks severely in depth. The liner notes claim Peccatum plays art for the sake of it. That right there should set off your Pretension Alarm®. This music takes all the worst tendencies of black metal, such as bloated keyboard symphonics, jagged song structure that does not retain cohesion and rather humorous song titles such as "I Breath Without Access to Air". While Ishahn is apparently attempting to harness the avant garde with Peccatum, he has accidentally harnessed his worst traits and put them to music. Worse yet, Emperor's very generic IX Equilibrium suffers greatly as Ishahn seemingly has thrown his creative energy into Peccatum and only regarded new Emperor as perfunctory. Needless to say, Ishahn's goals have far outreached his ability this time.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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