The Beauty Of Pain

Penitent - The Beauty Of Pain ©1997 Draenor Productions
1. Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain
2. Black Is The Sun Shining
3. Into The Great Inferno
4. A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears
5. Necropolis
6. My Secret Garden

If you ever in the need of piano and light synth music with occasionally patched over poetry recitation, Penitent's The Beauty of Pain might be something worth checking out. While hardly revolutionary, profound or life shaking, the album is still good for those occasional nights where light music is the avenue of choice. The piano playing is quite solid and classically based, with decent compositional skills. There is a bit of a folk feel to some of the tracks. But the big downfall is the poetry that occasionally pops up. The spoken words are overly dramatic and are more corny than moving. Granted, the speaker is obviously laden with an accent, but more effort could have been made in not being so comical. Generally speaking, this album is not going to appeal to a huge audience, but perhaps maybe the metal community that also has a fondness for a more classical music side thing.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1999

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