Brendan Perry

Eye Of The Hunter

Brendan Perry - Eye Of The Hunter ©1999 4AD
1. Saturday’s Child
2. Voyage Of Bran
3. Medusa
4. Sloth
5. I Must Have Been Blind
6. The Captive Heart
7. Death Will Be My Bride
8. Archangel

As one half of the genre-defying Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry’s morose baritone stood as the thoughtful counterpart to Lisa Gerrard’s worldly vocalizations. On this, his first (and thus far, only) solo album, we see him shedding the ethno-ambient tendencies of his previous band in favor of a wonderfully stark and minimal style that puts his beautiful baritone croon in the spotlight. The surprising thing about this album is that DCD’s trademark synth is used more as a textural tool than a lead instrument, leaving Perry to focus on creating a mood through the use of the room he recorded in (fear not, gothsters, there is reverb aplenty) and his wonderfully warm singing. Another alarming thing is that a few of the songs have a country/folk feel to them, with crying lapsteel and Perry attempting falsetto (!) with great results. While every track is worthy of his name, the tragically lonesome, classically tinged "Medusa", soothing opener "Saturday’s Child", the faithful Tim Buckley cover "I Must Have Been Blind" and "The Captive Heart" all push this album into "great" status. Fans of Scott Walker, Nick Cave, the Tindersticks, and David Sylvian should not be without this album.

Review by Alec A. Head

Review date: 12/2004

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