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Ford Pier - Meconium ©1995 Wrong Records
1. And
2. Everyone's Always Right Except Me
3. Family
4. Bad Architecture
5. Donkeys
6. Great Western
7. On The Morning Of The Third Day
8. Red Carpet Treatment
9. Pinch
10. Growth Industry
11. It Hurts When I Exhale
12. Hell Is Where The Heart Is
13. Banana Conditioner
14. Kill The Intolerant
15. Of Course He Is A Magnificent Driver

Ford Pier could very easily be the Bob Dylan for the wacky. Young Ford Pier has had a very storied career, assuming you actually pay attention to small punk bands in Vancouver, BC. During his musical career, Pier has played with the likes of the legendary D.O.A., the Show Business Giants and on Tom Holliston's infamous solo albums. That right there would make the resume of any budding musician shine. But Ford has forged ahead with a couple solo albums in the meantime, the first of which is this Meconium CD, released on Nomeansno's pet label, Wrong Records.

While essentially Ford Pier doesn't venture terribly far from orthodox rock music structures, his take on things is just far enough outside the norm to be truly unusual without a shred of pretentiousness. Many of the songs on Meconium feature just him singing over his guitar, sometimes electrified and sometimes acoustic. He does get some help from his friends throughout the CD, but the main focus is on his utterly stark stream of consciousness lyrics. To a degree some of these songs sound like rants, particularly "On the Morning of the Third Day", but he also provides some nice insights as well. My favorite line on the whole album comes from "Pinch": "I need someone whose time is pro-rated." Pier is also a rather talented vocalist as his range is quite large and his sense of creating memorable melodies is even stronger. Most importantly, he successfully projects the feeling that he could be entirely deranged through his music. In a world of empty headed boy bands and fabricated pop stars, it's nice to find someone very geniune, talented and above all, highly creative.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2003

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