The Disease Is Spreading [demo]

Plague - The Disease Is Spreading ©1998 Self-Released
1. To Be Killed By One's Own Sorrow
2. Another Priest Falls
4. Revenge Is Our's
5. Her Spirit Cries Eternally
6. The Sun Sets Over Bloody Fields

D.I.Y. black metal demo tapes are a scary thing. Considering the possibility that the tape could easily be extremely bad beyond description, it's with great hesistation that you even hit play on your tape deck. Fortunately, Plague quickly eased my Demo Allergies by displaying some pretty substantial skill. Hailing from San Diego, California - perhaps the mirror opposite location for the chilling Norse black metal they create - Plague's sound is best described as Emperor-esque, utilizing quite a bit of keyboard atmospherics with an Ancient guitar approach. The result is a solid demo showing a lot of promise for the band. Naturally the tape has a degree of hiss and demo production, though it still sounds better than a certain amount of black metal released commercially on actual compact discs. But you can hear quite a bit of ability, skill and promise in this group. I'm indeed quite impressed and hope they will only go upwards from here.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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