Postmortem - Repulsion ©1998 Morbid/Pavement
1. Epitomize
2. Clockwork Black
3. Gutterballs
4. Bleeding
5. Beyond The Bounds
6. Witches Burn
7. Over The Line
8. Helligenschein
9. Sin City
10. Inside The Clockwork
11. Better Beware
12. Dreadful Sins
13. Black Trinity
14. Sick And Twisted
15. Follow The Hypocrite
16. Epitaph

Postmortem is the kind of band that really doesn't go out of its way to be completely modern or contemporary in its sound. Their modus operendi is a fairly even mix of thrash and death metal without resorting to cloning techniques ala` those retro-thrash bands (who almost all are third-rate). Mattias' vocals are the element that suggest death metal the most, but the musical base is more of a chugga-chugga thrash thing that would have been at place a decade ago. The production is fairly strong and clear, with good emphasis on the guitar-drum interplay. But at the same time, Postmortem is still only average. I can listen to the album without disliking it, but it's not exactly going out of its way to blow my mind or rock my socks. Heavy is as heavy does and here it is merely mildly enjoyable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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