Poverty's No Crime

The Chemical Chaos

Poverty's No Crime - The Chemical Chaos ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. Walk Into Nowhere
2. Every Kind Of Life
3. All Minds In One
4. A World Without Me
5. Terminal Trip
6. Pact With The Past
7. Left To Chance
8. Moving Target
9. Do What You Feel
10. Access Denied

It occurred to me as I was sitting down to review this CD that previous listens provided absolutely no impression whatsoever about this band. Okay, we know the basic facts: their name is Poverty's No Crime (a rather cumbersome name, if you ask me) and the CD is called The Chemical Chaos. There are ten songs and the cover features a skeletal structure (with a little nervous system action) over a cellular structure. But ask me about the music and I draw a blank. I listened to this, I swear! I had it on in my car where I tend to pay closer attention to music than, say, at home where I get distracted by many things. Yet I can't recall one single memorable moment during the entire listen of The Chemical Chaos. Listening to the CD now doesn't help either. This is like the musical equivalent of Memento, where I can't form short term memories about this particular album. I can quickly say they play melodic AOR hard rock with relatively heavy guitars and obtrusive keyboards, but that's all the detail that sticks. Every second I hear fades away instantly.

...what was I writing about just now?

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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