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The Madness Begins EP

Powermad - The Madness Begins EP ©1988 Reprise
1. Terminator
2. Hunter Seeker
3. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
4. Blind Leading the Blind

Powermad were one of the many thrash bands that appeared in the late 80s, put out a couple releases and then promptly vanished back into whatever primordial muck spawned such acts. I first came across this band in 1988 when their record label was offering a free cassette copy of this four song EP in Circus magazine. Being fifteen and starved for new music, I clipped out the coupon, sent it in and had a copy of it within a month. Not exactly the viral marketing that exists in today's music world, but the 80s were a different time and perhaps universe. Regardless of the freebie designed to create a buzz about the band, I never did quite get around to buying their one and only full length release that came out a year later.

The four songs on The Madness Begins finds the Minnesota band displaying all the requisite parameters for a thrash band. They sang about killer cyborgs from the future, TV evangelists and so forth. Their style of thrash wasn't too far removed from the Bay Area scene that was all the rage at that time. Their vocalist mostly stuck to one small range of notes, but knew enough about metal to hit that high note from time to time. Possibly the most intriguing aspect to the EP was the Ramones cover, but they didn't really do that spectacular of a job with it.

Powermad were not notably different from most of their peers. They were certainly talented and capable, but lacked either the songwriting or ability to carve a distinct identity for themselves in a very crowded scene.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2009

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