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The Presidents Of The United States Of America

The Presidents of the United States of America - The Presidents Of The United States Of America ©1995 Columbia
1. Kitty
2. Feather Pluckn
3. Lump
4. Stranger
5. Boll Weevil
6. Peaches
7. Dune Buggy
8. We Are Not Going To Make It
9. Kick Out The Jams
10. Body
11. Back Porch
12. Candy
13. Naked And Famous

The truth is this is an album you and I should really, truly hate with all our fiber. It sucks, I'm quite convinced. Considering the absurb, vapid lyrics and "aw, shucks" feeling you get from the trio, this massively popular release shouldn't have been played so much. However, given that a lot of popular music is far too depressing and spends an inordinate amount of time feeling so gosh-darned sorry for itself, an album where the main focus is simply to have a good time is a refreshing treat.

The Presidents formed in Seattle between some lifelong buddies. Their schtick was a slimmed down, truly minimalistic approach to music. Between the "basitar" and "guitbass", there were precisely five strings to split between Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer. Morever, the drum kit could fit into the back of any Geo Metro. Nevertheless, the band found a way not only to come up with songs, but extremely catchy tunes that instantly got stuck in your head. I'm certain nearly everyone begrudgingly sang along with "Peaches" while it became an inexplicable hit single back in 1996. Truthfully, the nature of having so few strings probably challenged the trio to come up with music around this gimmick and chances are a lot of musicians wouldn't be able to accomplish a whole lot with it. According to those who witnessed their live shows, The Presidents were one of the most entertaining outfits around.

While this debut CD falls under the "Guilty Pleasures" category of my collection, it still has more than enough good times tunes to make it worth having around. Sometimes a good time is precisely what a person needs.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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