Esteem Driven Engine

Pulley - Esteem Driven Engine ©1996 Epitaph
1. Cashed In
2. Crawl
3. Eyes Open Wide
4. Wok Inn
5. Four Walls
6. One Shot
7. Barf
8. She
9. Lifer
10. No Defense
11. Silver Tongue Devil
12. S.F.B.I.H.Y.D
13. Seain' Different
14. All We Have

I gave up harping on 90s pop-punk genericism moons ago when I realized that a) it's not going away b) it's not changing and c) it's not so bad anyway. It's not evil, like crack or religion or something. Anyways, Esteem Driven Engine is another slice of California rock sunniness, a totally predictable 35 minutes of pogoing melodic punk, chops no better or worse than those of their peers. Pulley are noted for their esteemed credence, the vocalist having done time with Ten Foot Pole, and half the rhythm section being Strung Out alumni, a meeting of like minds, so to speak. Whatever critical daggers I could throw at this thing cannot undermine the fact that people do, and will continue to dig it. And truth be known, I've got nothin' anyway, since I think it's pretty cool. Sounds like a loose, unkempt NOFX which is all right with me. I'm glad I managed to get through this entire spiel without once mentioning the fact that vocalist Radinsky double-times for the Los Angeles Dodgers as one of the better relief pitchers/setup men in the Majors Leagues. But you didn't hear that from me.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 02/1999

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