Realm Of The Dead

Purgation - Realm Of The Dead ©2000 Self-Released
1. Watching The World Die
2. Eulogy (Part II)
3. Slumber
4. Realm Of The Dead

Purgation is yet another groove-laden, Black Sabbath influenced metal band from the Lousiana area. But unlike, say, Soilent Green, Acid Bath or Eyehategod, Purgation is a bit easier for more tender sets of ears. In other words, there's no one screaming incoherently on this four song self-released album. Rather, Purgation's style is definitely more oriented towards the Sabbathy sort of slower, chugging metal, with clean vocals throughout. This short, eighteen minute affair is tolerable and shows promise for the band, but with the except of the tense "Slumber", little of Realm of the Dead truly captures my attention. The vocals of Ronnie Griffin remind me a bit of Solitude Aeturnus, but at times his delivery is a little overdone and the tone seems faux dramatic. The guitar parts groove for the most part, but at times it seems they need just a little more oomph and flash behind them to expand the base ideas of the songs. Realm of the Dead shows promise for the band in the future, but at this point it seems they need to continue practicing and working on ideas. Perhaps dilligent fans of stoner rock (although Purgation should not be lumped into the weed worshipping clump of bands) such as Kyuss or old doom metal ala Solitude Aeturnus should keep an eye on these guys, because there is a good chance they may develop into something very interesting.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2001

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