Apartment D

Pushcar - Apartment D ©2000 Tarantism Records
1. Out Here In The Sun
2. Sixfingers Tony
3. No Waste Of Time
4. Defiant Song
5. A Perfect Perwinkle Blue
6. Wise Beyond Denial
7. Myself To Bits
8. Manic Depressive (without The Manic)
9. Wasted Again
10. Halo Effect
11. Limbo
12. Garliguy

Pushcar is an indie rock band who seem to dwell within the spirit of music being created by the likes of Radiohead and other less derivative and smarmy alt-rock bands. Apartment D represents their first album and shows a band in progress, full of good ideas, quite a few interesting moments but still needing refinement.

The band's music is essentially based around an expected jangly guitar and common man vocals, which is one of my personal stumbling blocks to fully enjoying this album. The songs are fleshed out here and there with keyboards, piano and other assorted sounds. The band does understand the value of a catchy melody and there quite a few throughout, although occasionally the vocals trip up on delivering them extremely well. Another unfortunate aspect to the album is that the guitars could use more prominence in the mix, allowing for them to shine much more brightly.

Regardless of a very garage sounding record (more accurately, it has an apartment vibe, since it was recorded in Pushcar member Jim Saunder's apartment, presumably "D"), there is quite a big of promise in this band. The band understands the value of a good song and very seldom resort to college alternative rock trappings of half-heartedly strumming a guitar while sniveling about shoegazing anthems. That in itself makes Pushcar a step ahead of many of their contemporaries. With luck, the band will find themselves in a better recording situation and can allow their sense of melody and good songwriting to blossom next time around.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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