Waves Of Erotasia EP

Pyogenesis - Waves Of Erotasia EP ©1994 Nuclear Blast
1. Through The Flames
2. In The End
3. Down
4. Lost In Revery (acoustic)

This short little EP is easily one of the better things Pyogenesis put out on their eventual path to utter mediocrity. Still entrenched in a brooding sort of doom metal blossomed along the edges with atmospheric and goth touches, Waves of Erotasia benefits from a couple remarkably memorable songs, including the album opener "Through the Flames". The band's style included very subtle touches of piano, keyboards, female vocals and all those other things that make manly, macho metal listeners go "ick". However, the usage is very appropriate here. The guitars still retain a very strong heaviness while the leads are those slow, melodic type that wind their way into your brain's listening center. Besides, Tim is deeply gutteral, even when he's moaning throughout this record. Though brief, this EP is a winner.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2000

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Sweet X-Rated Nothings

Pyogenesis - Sweet X-Rated Nothings ©1995 Nuclear Blast
1. Intro
2. Fade Away
3. Sweet X-rated Nothings
4. It's On Me
5. I'll Search
6. Skykiss
7. Theseroads
8. Golden Sins
9. Masquerade
10. Through The Flame
11. Extasis
12. Coming Home

Also known as the identity crisis band, Pyogenesis' Sweet X-Rated Nothings is a somewhat bearable record that is marked with the occasional decent song while mostly dwelling in uninteresting mediocrity. Pyogenesis straddles the fence between death metal, doom and a healthy dose of goth in the vein of earlier Type O Negative. Given that vocalist Tim has a very low octave growl and the occasional goofball sexually charged lyrics, you'd think they were hoping to lure young innocent girls into their lair, but this isn't the sort of music you will put on for a night of whoopie. The biggest problem the band faces on this album is that essentially the same formula is repeated on every single song. One guitar plays a slow lead part while the other plays a heavier riff, while on occasion a somewhat disparate element will be introduced, such as a keyboard or piano bit. Towards the end of the album the result is, "Geez, not again!" Taken in small doses, some of the songs on the album would be much more interesting. In fact, if you have a two hundred disc CD changer, the occasional visit to a single song at a time might work out. But for the poor schleps who are using a single disc portable player, Pyogenesis isn't exactly thrilling throughout.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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Pyogenesis - Unpop ©1997 Nuclear Blast
1. Blue Smiley's Plan
2. Get Up
3. Love Nation Sugarhead
4. Alternative Girl
5. Rhapsodie In E
6. Junkie On A Cloud
7. To Me
8. Cheapo Speakers
9. All The Pills
10. Silver Experience
11. My Style
12. Ton Recycling
13. XXL-Ego-King
14. Lower All Your High Standards
15. Sehnsucht

I have previously only heard one Pyogenesis piece before this and that song had left me intrigued. They tended to be different than the rest of the death metal pack they inhabited. Well, they've completely left that scene behind and are now following what they want to do rather than follow any metal trend. I say that only because they aren't metal anymore...they became an alternative band!

There are moments on this record that are quite good. "Love Nation Sugarhead" has a feel of Genesis keyboards mixed with a dance beat and those Nirvana guitars. But rare good parts aside, I can't imagine any reason, however, why a formerly complex and musically challenging band would want to water down their art to this manufactured generic mass-marketed product. I was so disgusted by this album that I had no problem taking it back to the store where I bought it. Unless you think Bush is the epitome of musical expression in the 90's, avoid this.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1997

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