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Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein

Rabies Caste - Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein ©2001 Earache
1. Got It From Blake
2. Prove Me
3. The Bleeding Mermaid
4. There Is Nothing You Have Seen
5. Hand Abortion
6. Out Of The Solar System
7. Haemophilia
8. Steel Right Through The Mouth
9. I'm So Tired
10. Andrea

Rabies Caste's most notable trait has less to do with their music, but their geographical location, which happens to be Israel by way of Russia. Their music, which may very well be a reflection of the strife of their home, is a less than notable blend of sludge grooves, distorted vocals and a post-hardcore quagmire of vicious malaise. This actually works quite well for a song, but I'm not so certain ten tracks of this is going to make for a great time for a lot of folks. The band focuses on creating a noisy groove, complete with ugly distortion and an echoing sound quality that maximizes the expanse of sound. The vocals of David K. are sent through a swirling maze of distortion and treatments and end up reminiscient of early Skrew by the time they emerge. The tempos generally stick to midpaced or slower to maximize the heaviness and pummelling. On the flipside, while in small doses this method is quite effective, the entire album has the tendency to blur together into a translucent haze and lacks a hook to keep listeners engaged from song to song. One will tend to know the band's entire cache of weapons at hand by the third track and there'll be little surprises afterwards. At the same time, there may be those who are looking for more blistering power violence and sludge styled bands and Rabies Caste will possibly be of interest to them. Think of this as a primitive Neurosis without the subtle finesse or of a harmless Eyehategod meets Unsane.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2001

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