The Double Tall Sessions EP

Rada - The Double Tall Sessions EP ©2003 Blue Worm Records
1. White Line
2. Nothing
3. Fool
4. Romania
5. Head Check
6. Crazy

Hailing from Minnesota, Rada is another entry into the alternative artsy rock field. The band's debut six song EP gives a reasonable idea of what this band is about, leaving both good and lukewarm feelings in its wake. Rada's sound has a bit of an At the Drive-In feel, as well as the obligatory Radiohead School of Artsy Stuff influence. At times Rada also veers dangerously close to emo terrority, which is never a good thing. In the hierachy of punk/indie rock, emo is the lowest form of expression. Thus, when your vocals start to get to venture into that area of pouty, high pitched "introspection", it's best to up the tempo and rock out loud enough to drown your emo singing out. Rada is at its best when they do kick out a jam, such as the tight riffing of "Nothing". Their slower numbers tend to lose me, since their singer does have a somewhat wailing voice that can be very grating. "Romania" is also a very interesting song with good use of organic sounding keyboards.

Admittedly I haven't been terribly enthusiastic about some of the various forms of indie rock that have been sprouting up over the past few years. Some bands tend to lose themselves in trying to be thoughtful and profound. Many bands simply can't pull off the introspective trip. Rada straddles the fence, showing their strengths lay in kicking things into gear, rather than getting all weepy and inward looking.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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