Requiem For The Innocent

Radakka - Requiem For The Innocent ©1998 Century Media
1. Phantom #9
2. Still A Stranger
3. Requiem For The Innocent
4. Azriel
5. Whore
6. Velvet
7. Sit Up And Sweat
8. Cult Of One
9. Black Rose And Red Wine

Radakka followed their 1995 release of Malice and Tranquility with a more aggressive "darker" disc in Requiem For The Innocent. The liner notes indicate that the disc is an examination of a darker, baser side of humanity. As such, the music is less technical than you'll find on the debut and the content as a whole is more forceful and brutal.

Some have called this a step back for Radakka, but the band indicates that they have a vision of where they are going and in my opinion, this disc represents a step along the way. The lyrics and music are certainly in keeping with an examination of the darker aspects of life and relationships. Some of the vocals are growled and the guitar chops are fierce.

While the songs are shorter and less technical, they are still played right on the edge with a great deal of skill. The band shoots for and hits a sound different than that of the debut disc, combining elements of speed metal and power metal with the time changes of progressive metal. To borrow the band's own words, it is a heartfelt metal. Similar to Digital Ruin and Everygrey in sound, Radakka's music has a raw edge to it will appeal to those who like a bit of grit now and again.

Outstanding on the disc is the closing trilogy of songs with their atmosphere and sound that ranges from the melancholy to the angry. It is comprised of the three longest songs on the disc and is well composed.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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