665: The Neighbor Of The Beast

Radiobaghdad - 665: The Neighbor Of The Beast ©1998 One Foot Records
1. No Resurrection
2. Chances When
3. Sugihara
4. One Prize
5. Bordercross
6. Truckers On Speed
7. Promises
8. Shnurman
9. Pressure Gauge
10. My Bong! My War!
11. Taken Down
12. Ton O Bricks
13. The Mothership
14. Nothing Yet
15. Went Upstairs

I hate writing reviews for bands like this. You can't fault them for being talentless flakes because they are reasonably talented. Since Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton produced this album, the sound is nearly flawless. But what it does lack is a spark to make it more than a basic, energetic punk record that is mostly suitable for live conditions or maybe a couple tracks making it to a trust mix tape for the car. Radiobaghdad doesn't quite sound like too many other current punk bands off the top of my head (maybe that's just a reflection of how little of the newer punk bands I choose to listen to these days) but at the same time, the band isn't exactly blazing new trails either. The record just kind of exists - dwells in musical limbo - which certainly must be a bigger crime than outright sucking or sheer genius.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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