Rainbow - Rising ©1976 Polydor
1. Tarot Woman
2. Run With The Wolf
3. Starstruck
4. Do You Close Your Eyes
5. Stargazer
6. A Light In The Black

Bamp-dapp-dillo, dillopdee, bamp-dapp-dillo, dillopdee! Don't you just love that fun riff in "A light in the black"? What do you mean you haven't heard it? You don't expect me to tell you what this album sounds like, do you?

Well scheisse...Rainbow Rising, the second album by Rainbow was a milestone of generic hard rock albums. After Blackmore threw out the entire band from the debut, except Dio, they decided to focus on rather overblown hard rock albums. Some fun riffs, a couple of synthybits that might be conveying some sort of feeling, and Richie-solos! Did I mention that Dio sings on this? Yeah, Dio! He was on the debut too, you know. Wasn't kicked out, he wasn't. Nosirree.

This album seems to suffer from the Dio-complex; i.e. every damn frigging album he's on seems to have a couple of really great rock songs, then a several pieces of filler, and a couple of leftovers that mix the greatness with the filler, making some sort of kind of neat mix that'll still make your tummy toss a bit. There's really no reason for "Stargazer", a quite great slightly eastern-feeling hard rocker, to be eight minutes long. But if you're drunk and rocking, you probably won't care. This is even more true(!) for "A Light in the Black", which has two nifty, speedy riffs, and variations on those...for eight minutes. God dammit! Dio's voice is in top form as always, reciting his ever-boring lyrics with fun melodies that you're bound to sing along with.

What can I say? This is yet another one of those albums that you should buy if you're in love with Dio's voice or Blackmore's guitar, and want some good hard rocking for your beer sessions, but don't have too high of hopes. While there are a couple of great songs on here, there are also a couple of stinkers, and then everything's topped off by two good songs that are dragged out far too long. Hey, they even appear in that order!

Sorry, I'm not writing a serious review for this! Just be glad I didn't go on about lights, nights, knights, fights and plights. Dio will, you know. Please don't try to listen to this while sober. If you have to get a Rainbow CD though, this is the place to start. Meanwhile, I'll stick with Captain Beyond.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 12/2002

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