Fighting Fire With Gasoline

Redoverlunar - Fighting Fire With Gasoline ©2000 Blue Worm Records
1. Zero
2. The Groove Worn Deeper
3. Lie In Wait
4. Found
5. Where's Eric?
6. Lucinda B.
7. Geisha
8. Hush
9. Carving Chaos From The Clouds
10. Beguiled

Forming from the demise of a couple other musical acts, Wisconsin's Redoverlunar introduces themselves to the post-punk/hardcore world with their ten song debut, Fighting Fire With Gasoline. Like many modern day outfits of the ilk, Redoverlunar relies on a taut style of guitarwork, with common man vocals that have some oomph behind them and an overall solid blend of melody and guitar interplay. Redoverlunar, although they have a fairly distinct sound of their own, has elements of Tool (mostly in vocal tones as they share a similar timbre) and occasionally reminded me of the lost, lamented Clockhammer on the slower, moodier moments of the record. There are also elements of Quicksand in there, but at the end of the day, Redoverlunar escapes existing in the shadow of better known acts. The band tends to write moodier songs and much of the second half of the CD seems devoted to these type of numbers. The singing is able to convey the emotions of the song well without dripping with faux-hardcore anger or melodramaticism. The music is crafted to show good interplay between the guitars without becoming too showy or busy. Overall, Fighting Fire with Gasoline is a very good debut from a band that deserves some attention from the post-whatever music crowd. And besides, the cover of A-ha's "Take on Me" (called "Where's Eric?" here) is a hoot.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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